20 May, 2016

Outfit Along 2016!

So excited to be back just in time for the 2016 Outfit Along!

If you haven't heard of it yet, the idea is to join awesome hosts Lladybird and Untangling Knots in a mass sew/knit along. This year the the two suggested patterns are Sewaholic's Hollyburn Skirt and Andi Satterlund's new top pattern, Zinone - but in the spirit of slow-fashion and consciously made wardrobes, it's encouraged to make an outfit you know you'll wear and love.

This year I'm trying to put more thought into my makes and purchases, and I've found that sketching things out before diving into a project makes a massive difference! 

The Plan

Zinone Top in neutral linen.

Loose-fitting crop top + Linen = Me.
As soon as I saw the cropped version of the Zinone pattern I was in. Three skeins of Quince & Co. Sparrow linen are on their way to my doorstep as we speak. I fell in love with 'sans' which is actually the un-dyed colour of the linen. I already know it's going to go with everything and it's so exciting ahhh!

The Skirt

A self-drafted mini pencil-skirt in cotton sateen.
This skirt has been in the back of my brain for over a year, and the two amazing sateens pictured have been sitting in my stash for almost as long. I'm still tossing up whether to use just one or both.

#OAL2016 starts on June 1st, so if you're thinking about joining in there's still time.

If you're already in, I'd love to hear your plans !

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