Hi there, I'm Zoë May! I live, write and create in the leafy regional city of Armidale, NSW Australia.

Fozzel & Bean is a brand that evolves as I grow. With a degree in writing and communications, and a life-long passion for sustainability, creativity, and fashion, I'm constantly inspired by the small business world, and the future grows more exciting every day.

For the moment, I'm combining these interests by blogging right here, so thanks for stopping by! To read more about Fozzel & Bean knitwear, hop over to my Etsy store.

Or shoot me an email at fozzelknit@gmail.com 
I'd love to hear from you!

Curious about the name?
Inspired by a Dr Seuss poem, 'Fozzel' was my nickname as a little girl. And Bean? Well she's my furry little muse, and keeps me company while I'm working from home!

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Kerri said...

What a funky name for your label!