20 February, 2014

Some fashion week appreciation

There have been some lovely collections throughout this Fashion Week, especially for Fall. I thought it might be nice to share a few of my favourite knitwear designs.

Alberta Ferretti Fall 2014 RTW : My favourite so far! Warm earthy colours, simple cuts, flattering metallic details, some fascinating and feminine evening-wear, and plenty of cozy felt dresses and knit sweaters.

Alberta Ferretti ready-to-wear autumn/winter '14/'15 

Alberta Ferretti ready-to-wear autumn/winter '14/'15

Alberta Ferretti ready-to-wear autumn/winter '14/'15

Calvin Klein Fall 2014 RTW:  Endless coats! And lots of interesting knitwear. I'd love to try my hand at a knit skirt or dress in time for Winter.


Erdun Fall RTW: I love these knit tunics. It also seems as though baggy sweatpants can actually look fashionable. I have been waiting for this day!



 Last but not least, this knit dress by Carmen Marc Valvo is just stunning, don't you think? There are some lovely dresses throughout this collection.

Carmen Marc Valvo RTW Fall 2014

Sadly, I'm yet to see any knit menswear apart from the generic hoards of fair isle and cable sweaters. If you've been following fashion week, I'd love to hear about anything I might have missed! The image below is literally the most inventive thing I've come across so far (and it's still a sweater!):

I mean, really?! Doesn't it just make you sad?

15 February, 2014

Darling Ranges #1

It has been lovely rainy weather lately. Bean has been keeping me company while I work, in her breezy spot by the window.

This slightly cooler weather gave me a chance to take some photos of my most recent dress. I apologize in advance for the horrible poly-cotton wrinkles. Does anybody else have trouble ironing those out? Also, the chair. It's not a prop. My camera was just refusing to focus on a blank wall.

The Darling Ranges dress is the first Megan Nielson pattern to enter my little stash, and it definitely won't be the last! This was my first attempt, so I used a thrifted poly-cotton bedsheet with a cute bunny rabbit print. The pattern was as lovely to use as all the reviews have suggested - perfect for beginners, and such a convenient envelope!

I made almost no adjustments this time - just a slight raise to the neckline. There are a few fit issues like gaping around the front of the shoulders, but that is something I should have expected - it happens to me with all generic-sized clothing. I also have a tendency for accidental sleeve twisting, like in the last picture, so next time I'll be leaving out the elastic cuffs. Overall though, it's very wearable, and looks lovely with a thin brown belt (that I've now lost) to match the buttons.

Here's a close-up of the wooden buttons and cute print:

Already there's a lovely green floral rayon in my stash, patiently waiting for version 2!

14 February, 2014

Autumn's Fire

Today a big box arrived at my door, containing what is, so far, my largest order of yarn. These nine lovely colours will make up my first collection of knitwear. It's incredibly exciting!

It was a huge revelation for me, deciding to work in collections, rather than just releasing design after design in spontaneous colours. It will really allow me to express different moods and seasons in a cohesive way, and to focus on design without getting overwhelmed by colour choices, like I was when first starting.

The collection is titled 'Autumn's Fire', inspired by the intensity of Autumn in Armidale, and the part it has played in my decision to live here. The first leaves are already starting to fall in front of my house. By April they'll be at their most beautiful, and I'll be ready for a full photoshoot. Ideally with models other than myself (I'd much rather be behind the camera).

I made a moodboard when developing the colour scheme. It's such a useful process, and the end result is always fun to stare at. Here it is, in case you'd like to stare at it too!

Images sourced from Pinterest. Click for details.

11 February, 2014

Hello and things.

Well hello blogosphere. I have finally decided to join you!
It's an awkward business, writing this first post. I suppose I should start with some kind of introduction.

I'm Zoë. Twenty-one. Australian. Journalism student and beanie enthusiast. Currently in the process of starting my own handmade knitwear business. I live in a little blue house where I ought to be writing essays, but in reality I am usually procrastinating over a cup of tea, or doing something creative. I love writing, drawing, painting, knitting, gardening, sewing my own clothing, and anything to do with sustainability. This blog is likely to be an eclectic mixture of all these things and more. 
'Fozzel' was a sort of Dr Seuss related pet-name that I had as a child. When thinking up business names, my older sister laughingly suggested I use it. It was unique, catchy, personal. It stuck. 

This is me, in a Fozzel & Bean beanie:


And this is Bean - she's very small, but quite likely the greatest cat of all time: