19 June, 2014

Winter in Shades of Purple

The cold weather has put a bit of a dampener on current sewing projects, but my hands have stayed plenty busy. To make the most of the uni break, I have been spending my mornings knitting in the sunny front room of the house. Bean keeps me company. In fact, it's the only room in the house where either of us can be found in a cheerful mood.
We are definitely not Winter souls.

After the purple theme of my last post, I thought I'd share a few recent knitting projects :)

These elbow length wool gloves are even warmer than they look. Gentle shaping on the inside of the wrist creates a smooth, comfortable fit across the wrist. I'm very tempted to make a pair for myself, eventually - the biggest hurdle is choosing a colour! These gloves would also feel amazing in organic cotton. Just imagine their soft, delicate look when made up in a pastel blue...

This scarf is a purple variation of my Chunky Wool Cowl. What makes it special is the blend of wool with bamboo. The bamboo content (50%) adds some weight, giving the cowl a lovely drape. It also creates a shimmery, jewel-like sheen in most lights. I'll definitely be using this blend in other projects!

Both of these projects were custom variations of designs available in my Etsy store.


Anonymous said...

Bean! Everytime she makes an appearance she steals my heart. Also those elbow gloves are amazing. Each winter I have to scramble since 60% of my 'sweaters' have 3/4 sleeves. This may be a solution (in 5 months when winter starts again here ;) )

Anonymous said...

Lovely colour tones on you :-)