30 June, 2014

Monday Motivation - New Organic Yarn

The first day of term also happened to be the coldest day this Winter (so far).

As I watched the sleet landing on my now-deceased potato plants, a package arrived! These beautiful new shades of organic cotton made the day just a little more bearable.

I'm especially excited about the warm pink skein pictured above - a blend of linen and organic wool. If you look closely you can see how the two fibres have been twisted together. It has such an unusual texture. I haven't yet decided what I'm going to do with it. Totally open to suggestions!

In between shop-related projects I have been working away on a knitted shrug for myself, using the Rectangle Knit Shrug pattern by Lion Brand. With just the cuffs to go, I'm aiming to have it finished in time for Lauren and Andi's Outfit Along!

I'm using a super soft 5ply merino yarn from Bendigo Woolen Mills. Such a lovely shade of blue, and it blocks so nicely!

In other news, I have a serious procrastination problem when it comes to sewing on buttons. Am I the only one? Stay tuned for at least two new button-related sewing projects this week.

Happy Monday!


Kat said...

What buttons are for you are hems form me. I try to trick myself lately by doing them as soon as they are possible, but not as the very last step.

Zoe May said...

I'm pretty awful with hems too haha. I'm putting off hemming a circle skirt right now...
Good idea doing all the hemming early on!

Kristina said...

That yarn looks lovely and thanks for pointing to that free shrug pattern, it looks lovely! I look forward to seeing your finished version!