14 February, 2014

Autumn's Fire

Today a big box arrived at my door, containing what is, so far, my largest order of yarn. These nine lovely colours will make up my first collection of knitwear. It's incredibly exciting!

It was a huge revelation for me, deciding to work in collections, rather than just releasing design after design in spontaneous colours. It will really allow me to express different moods and seasons in a cohesive way, and to focus on design without getting overwhelmed by colour choices, like I was when first starting.

The collection is titled 'Autumn's Fire', inspired by the intensity of Autumn in Armidale, and the part it has played in my decision to live here. The first leaves are already starting to fall in front of my house. By April they'll be at their most beautiful, and I'll be ready for a full photoshoot. Ideally with models other than myself (I'd much rather be behind the camera).

I made a moodboard when developing the colour scheme. It's such a useful process, and the end result is always fun to stare at. Here it is, in case you'd like to stare at it too!

Images sourced from Pinterest. Click for details.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colors!! I'm looking forward to seeing your collection :)