11 February, 2014

Hello and things.

Well hello blogosphere. I have finally decided to join you!
It's an awkward business, writing this first post. I suppose I should start with some kind of introduction.

I'm Zoë. Twenty-one. Australian. Journalism student and beanie enthusiast. Currently in the process of starting my own handmade knitwear business. I live in a little blue house where I ought to be writing essays, but in reality I am usually procrastinating over a cup of tea, or doing something creative. I love writing, drawing, painting, knitting, gardening, sewing my own clothing, and anything to do with sustainability. This blog is likely to be an eclectic mixture of all these things and more. 
'Fozzel' was a sort of Dr Seuss related pet-name that I had as a child. When thinking up business names, my older sister laughingly suggested I use it. It was unique, catchy, personal. It stuck. 

This is me, in a Fozzel & Bean beanie:


And this is Bean - she's very small, but quite likely the greatest cat of all time:


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Sounds like you will be writing about just the things that interest me, so I'm looking forward to your posts. Bean is too cute!

Zoe May said...

Thank you :)
It's so nice to hear that my blog might actually interest people, haha!