15 February, 2014

Darling Ranges #1

It has been lovely rainy weather lately. Bean has been keeping me company while I work, in her breezy spot by the window.

This slightly cooler weather gave me a chance to take some photos of my most recent dress. I apologize in advance for the horrible poly-cotton wrinkles. Does anybody else have trouble ironing those out? Also, the chair. It's not a prop. My camera was just refusing to focus on a blank wall.

The Darling Ranges dress is the first Megan Nielson pattern to enter my little stash, and it definitely won't be the last! This was my first attempt, so I used a thrifted poly-cotton bedsheet with a cute bunny rabbit print. The pattern was as lovely to use as all the reviews have suggested - perfect for beginners, and such a convenient envelope!

I made almost no adjustments this time - just a slight raise to the neckline. There are a few fit issues like gaping around the front of the shoulders, but that is something I should have expected - it happens to me with all generic-sized clothing. I also have a tendency for accidental sleeve twisting, like in the last picture, so next time I'll be leaving out the elastic cuffs. Overall though, it's very wearable, and looks lovely with a thin brown belt (that I've now lost) to match the buttons.

Here's a close-up of the wooden buttons and cute print:

Already there's a lovely green floral rayon in my stash, patiently waiting for version 2!


Esme Wonder said...

Love your Darling Ranges dress! The fabric is the cutest! I just finished the same dress and after a few disasters its still a casual fav;)
Good luck on your blog, looks great so far and bean is so sweet!

Zoe May said...

Thank you so much!
Just had a look at your version - you definitely can't see the disasters!