08 July, 2014

A Winter Capsule Wardrobe

This is my third Armidale Winter, yet it's the first that I have felt the cold quite so deeply. 

To any readers living in snowy climates (or even local Armidaleans), I sure sound like a lightweight. Where I grew up on the coast, Winter is just a chance to rest and recuperate before another intense Summer. When it comes to temperature in the negatives, a lightweight is exactly what I am! 

Living in an old, drafty, ground-level house has forced me to realise that my "Winter Wardrobe" is non-existent. When I need to function like a normal person, an overflowing drawer of pajama pants just doesn't cut it. So, in an attempt to make cold mornings a little less grueling, I have been working away on a capsule wardrobe for the season.

Above is a moodboard that I created (because who doesn't love a moodboard) to focus on my favourite Winter silhouettes. All image sources can be found via my Pinterest board.

My Winter style revolves around 2 fairly similar silhouettes:
1. Loose shirt/sweater + skinny pants + boots.
2. Loose shirt/sweater + short skirt with tights + flats. 

If you're interested in this exercise, you can read about silhouettes and proportions here and here.

I used Polyvore to create a basic capsule wardrobe of 24 items. Pretty much all elements of my two silhouettes are interchangeable, as well as being perfect for layering.

Most of these items are based on things I already own and wear a lot (boots, pants, shirts, etc.). I am in no position, financial or ethical, to go on a shopping spree for new clothes. With the exception of a quality, fleece-lined parka and some grey flats, I plan to make the rest.


My fabric stash currently contains the supplies for an olive-green suede bomber jacket, a grey boiled-wool coat, plus whatever I can cobble together to make a few skirts. Totally set for Sally's Summer Stashbust challenge!

By the time this whole process is complete, I'll likely have to pack away my new creations and start again for warmer weather. This time next year, I'll be toasty. For now, I'll continue to fall asleep dreaming of over-sized wool sweaters.

Have you been working through the Wardrobe Architect series? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

PS: While writing this post, I was overcome by a strange need to justify spending this much time talking about my "wardrobe" (does blogging ever make you feel like a total narcissist?). Keep an eye out for an eventual fashion-related opinion piece...


Anonymous said...

Hey zoe, I also went through the series and came up with a capsule wardrobe but haven't posted anything yet because I am a long way off achieving it! It was definitely worthwhile to think about what type of garments will get a lot of wear, and where there are gaps. I'm terrible with winter style at the moment - as it's uni hols I'm at home with my son most days and wearing a uniform of trackies/pjs.I have tried to make an effort but trackies are just so much more comfy round the house than skirts/skinnies! At least no one see me.. Are you going to knit any sweaters?

Zoe May said...

I know what you mean - if I'm at home all day doing uni work, there's no separating me and my track-pants! Really soft cosy tights are probably the next best alternative. My ultimate goal is to find the perfect fabric to make a pair of pants that feel like pajamas, but look like regular pants :D

I definitely want to knit a couple of chunky sweaters. At least one comfy cable knit before Winter ends!

Kristina said...

Love your mood board! Chunky sweaters are the best! I've also been doing the series (still at it) but I'm tackling summer right now :)