27 September, 2014

The Senna LBD!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my last post. Knowing that people have so much faith in my little business is totally inspiring :)

Today's project is exciting for a couple of reasons: it's a completely new style for me, and it's also my first foray into pattern testing!

When I first saw Lindsay's newest pattern, the Senna dress, I knew that I was destined to make a little black version. It looks like I wasn't the only one; check out these gorgeous LBD Senna dresses by Mady and Beth!

Although pencil skirts and tight-fitted clothing aren't my usual cup of tea, I was drawn to the lovely combination of ruched skirt with loose, blouson style top. The versatility of this pattern makes it ideal for trying out a new style or silhouette - if all else fails, it makes some great separates. The sleeve length is perfection, and I do love a kimono top!

Being somewhat lacking in the tall and slender department, I had some doubts about ever looking as demure as Lindsay does in her floral number. For this reason, my version is a secret two-piece!

Using a super drapey knit fabric from the Remnant Warehouse, I cut a size 10 for both skirt and top variations. I left the top longer in length, so that it just tucks beneath the skirt waistband.

Despite being amazingly soft, my fabric was a little more lightweight than it should have been (the toils of internet shopping...), so tights are pretty much a necessity. The plus side of this accident is that it ruches extremely well. Rather than shirring, I stitched over a thin strip of elastic at each side seam. This is the recommended method in the released pattern, and it's so simple and effective!

My skirt looks a lot shorter than the pattern intends, but it wasn't cut that way. Another positive of the thin fabric is that I can pull the gathers up and down and adjust the length however I like! Wearing it as an extra-ruched mini feels a bit more secure, and I think it's more flattering on my short legs :D

In all, I'm really happy with this outfit. Like most knits, it comes together ridiculously fast - I finished it in an afternoon! And making separates has already proven to be a great idea. The close fit of the skirt will take a bit of getting used to, but I'm imagining so many awesome batwing blouse/baggy sweater combinations!

Despite my lack of tight-skirt confidence, I'll admit that these photos turned out pretty great. It's all in the posture! These dorky little legs have minds of their own (and plaid tights make it so much worse!) Maybe one day I'll show you some outtakes... 
In time, when I have perfected the art of walking and standing sensibly, this skirt will be a serious staple!

What do you think? Are you planning your own Senna dress?

Obligatory Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. The Senna pattern was provided for free, as compensation for honest feedback during the testing process. All opinions are my own.


Nilla said...

Such a great version of the Senna dress! It sounds like a really good idea to make matching separates. Too bad my shoulders are too broad for that kind of sleeve to look flattering on me, but I like seeing all the different versions pop up :)

Lindsay Woodward said...

Love the mini length with the plaid tights! And smart of you to make separates - it's so versatile that way. Thanks again for being a tester! :)

Kat said...

Love that you went with solid black! It looks so fabulous.

Zoe May said...

Thanks Kat :D
Loved your stripy version by the way!

Zoe May said...

Thanks Lindsay :D Congratulations on the release!!
I'm already planning a real dress version in something a bit thicker. Plaid would be amazing actually!

Zoe May said...

Thanks Nilla :)
Love your blog by the way!!

Nilla said...

Thank you! That's so nice to hear :)

Kristina said...

Wow, it looks great on you, very elegant and comfortable!

Zoe May said...

Thanks Kristina! :D