14 September, 2014

Spring Happenings

It feels as though almost every post in this blog contains some kind of reference to the weather, but I couldn't resist making the most of the beautiful stone-fruit blossoms just outside my kitchen.

I promise that from now onward all weather references will be this colourful and positive!


For a little while now I have been experimenting with Spring appropriate accessories like lace collars.

I'm starting simple, using reclaimed yarn in various fibers and weights, and trying to develop a style that is both earthy and delicate. Feminine without being too lacy or frilly. I guess that's Fozzel & Bean style in a nutshell! It's amazing how much writing helps to put abstract feelings into words.



This particular collar is made from a beautifully delicate reclaimed cashmere yarn. It looks like a warm cream, but up close you can see that it's flecked with tiny strands of red. The closure is a metal vintage button from my stash, with what looks like a red gemstone in the face.

In other news, September is shaping up to be a hectic month. I have so many great things to share over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!


Teresa said...

This looks lovely! I attempted to knit a silver one a while back, but it ended up far too frilly for my taste. This version is just right! I bet it's soft too in cashmere...

Kristina said...

Love the lace collars! By the way, you should put a link to your shop in the side bar - I just wanted to look at it and didn't find a link right away ;)

Zoe May said...

Thanks Teresa! A silver collar sounds lovely :) And it sure is soft!

Zoe May said...

Thanks Kristina, I will definitely do that! :D

FabricKate said...

I am in love with the amazing photographs. I just love pink and blue together and the two shades in the top photograph are just perfect. Also love the little collars. I am not much of a knitter but I made fake fur collars for ladies in my family last Christmas and they loved them.