14 April, 2014

Monday Motivation - All of the Fabric!

The fabric stash had some new arrivals today! I decided to make a little sewing plan to help stay on track for Me Made May. Be warned: this post may or may not be incredibly boring. Read on if you enjoy living vicariously through other people's fabric purchases!

Some lovely linen blend shirting cotton from the Remnant Warehouse. I'm thinking it's about time I jumped on the Archer bandwagon. There are so many beautiful versions around. I especially love this orange version by Andrea from Four Square Walls. The printed cotton facing is such a perfect detail. I may never use plain facings again.

I found these cute knits at Lifeline today. $3 for the pile. With the days getting colder, it's perfect timing for more Cocos!

Both of these fabrics have been lurking in my cupboard for years and I have only just got around to pre-washing them. The bird print is a lovely rayon. I'm hoping there's enough for a loose-fitting dress and top. 

I'm not sure what the grey fabric is, but it's incredibly soft and drapey with a lovely matte texture. Perfect for the plain and dark, knee-length, high-waist skirt that has been missing from my wardrobe for ever. And the perfect match for a Coco top.
Found on Pinterest
I think about this hypothetical skirt so often that sometimes, when getting dressed, I forget that it doesn't actually exist (is that weird?). Then, to my horror, I discover that all of my skirts are covered with some sort of flamboyant print and therefore go with nothing. Talk about first world problems...

Do you have something you've been meaning to make or do for years and just haven't taken the plunge?

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