07 April, 2014

Monday Motivation - Early Morning Photography

Early mornings always make for lovely photography. The weather is getting cooler, but not unbearably so. Which means, on the spontaneous and unreasonably early mornings I am awoken by this hairy face...

... it's actually a nice opportunity to beat the joggers and dog-walkers and go exploring with my camera (and even remember to put the bins out!). It's amazing how different my neighborhood looks when coated in fog. And how accomplished I feel when the alarm goes off and I'm already up.

It almost makes me consider becoming a morning person. Almost.

So how do you feel about mornings? Are we hardwired to forever be either early-birds or night-owls, or can we just change the settings?

1 comment:

Kristina said...

These are magical, thanks for sharing! I'm a morning person through and through, but the change to summer time has really thrown me off balance this year!