04 April, 2014

Simplicity - Design Your Own Kimono Blouse

In preparation for Me Made May, I'm doing a bit of stash-busting (not panic-sewing, I swear!). It has actually been really satisfying. Each pattern in my stash - apart from the weird 80's stuff - is now paired with a suitable fabric. This year I want to focus on making things that really suit my style, and I desperately need to fix this terrible habit of buying random prints just because they're adorable.

My first project involved a little piece of stripey blue knit, and this weird-but-kind-of-awesome pattern: Simplicity 9427, "Design Your Own Blouse".

Oh, if we could just pretend that I'm sitting on something way more glamorous than a bag of mulch, that'd be awesome...

If there was some kind of award for forcing a pattern out of an impossibly small piece of fabric, I'd totally deserve a nomination for this top. Somehow I even matched stripes!

You can tell from the envelope that it's a ridiculously boxy pattern, and also weirdly long, so shaving off a heap of the length and width was probably a very good thing, especially in a knit. I made the third style with the draped neckline, although it's not really visible in white, and I added cute cuffs. The white fabric is from an old men's shirt I had lying around - a really great source of plain knit fabric!

In all, I'm really happy with this shirt. It's super comfy and I can tell it's going to be a new staple. As for the pattern, it's a cool idea, especially for beginners. I'll probably use it again for stash-busting purposes. I just can't really see it working in anything as stiff as woven cotton. Especially not with those giant flutter sleeves!
What are your favourite stash-busting patterns?

PS: I found the pattern at a thrift store, but if you're interested, it seems fairly easy to find (here on Etsy for $7).


Samgoose said...

Hi Zoe :) I found your blog the other week through a link on Pinterest, and I have to say I'm really enjoying it; it's very fresh and just looks great! I love your top - it's always amazing how you can make something that looks really good from a pattern that looks a bit less exciting. I think it's because they often use really faded colours on pattern envelopes.
x Sam

Zoe May said...

Hi Sam,
Thank you so much! It really means a lot that you are enjoying my blog.
You're so right about faded old patterns - it's almost half the fun, trying to figure out how to make something so strange into something awesome!

Thanks for your comment :)

Erika A said...

I love this top! I'm horrible at looking past the awful styling/fabric choices on patterns and seeing their potential. But this is so cute!

I found your blog on the MMMay comments, and look forward to seeing you pop up in my blogroll :)

Zoe May said...

Hi Erika!
I know what you mean. I find most of my commercial patterns in thrift stores, so sorting through all the really bad ones actually makes the half-decent patterns stand out!

Thanks for your comment - I love hearing the different ways people have come across my blog :)

~ Zoe