31 August, 2014

Later, Winter!

Readers, I have big news.
This morning I wore a dress for at least two whole hours before running back to the bedroom for a sweater and tights. Thrilling stuff, right? I knew I had to have something good to make up for my recent lack of posts...

Things have been quiet here on the blog, but busy enough on the store front. As excited as I am for Spring to finally arrive in my hemisphere, I'm also vaguely nervous about my first Fall/Christmas season. There's a likely chance that sales will halt altogether, but for now I'd rather keep positive and prepare for an influx of international sales!



I have been experimenting with a bunch of new designs and ideas lately, but it's always the gloves that end up the most satisfying. This pair is my current favourite colour combination. There's just something about bright orange with cool grey lately.

Originally I wanted to do something a little more complex with the colour-work, but the simplicity of this pair just kind of works. Available here as of today :)

In other knitting news, I finally decided on yarn to make the long-awaited chunky sweater of my dreams. This lovely blue wool/nylon blend yarn was reclaimed from an old sweater and then washed and re-skeined. It's from an awesome Etsy store called Kitty's Curiosity, and is such an affordable way to buy an entire sweaters worth of nice wool. I can't wait to get started!


The weather is only just starting to change, but I couldn't be more ready to say goodbye to August! Have you started making creative plans for the new season?


Erika Arens said...

I'm getting really nervous for Christmas season this year too. I was up to my ears in yarn from October through January last year, and I can't decide if I want it again or if I would rather just enjoy the time to crochet/knit for myself!

Zoe May said...

What sort of gifts do you normally make? I'm not sure what I'll do once my friends all get sick of knitted bows and gloves, haha!

Erika Arens said...

Well my mom and I run an Etsy shop making novelty items, but we mostly sell beard and mustache hats during the holiday season. We get so busy my friends are lucky if I make them anything at all! But usually I'll give them the first test make of a new pattern I'm trying out or something like that (as long as it turns out well). My gifts tend to end up being "I'll buy you a beer after the holidays!"

Kristina said...

Love the orange and grey combo! I hope you'll have a great fall/Christmas season :)