12 May, 2014

Me Made May - Week 2

Last week was a little crazy, but so far I have just managed to stick to my pledge of 4 handmade items a week. The main problem I'm facing is the cold weather; I have plenty of short floral skirts and summery tops, but a severe lack of anything warm and cosy!

I'm planning on sewing up a few Archers for the coming weeks, but right now I'm seriously pining for a bomber jacket!

Day 3

My trusty grey handwarmers  - me made [buy here].
Green skirt - me made, unblogged.
This skirt is one of the first pieces of clothing I ever made, but I still wear it quite a lot. The waistband is just a really wide strip of elastic, so the join is pretty messy. The fabric is warm and kind of spongy - perfect for Autumn.

Day 4

Blue Coco dress - me made 
Red beanie - me made [buy here]
Knit scarf - Modcloth.

Day 5

Darling Ranges dress - me made
Black coat - thrifted
Boots - Route 66.

Day 6

The birthday dress! This is just a teaser photo - I'll do a full post about it soon. You can probably see that it's nothing like my original plan, but I love what I ended up with in the end :)

Hope everyone's second me-made week went well!

1 comment:

Kristina said...

I look forward to seeing your Archer's! Love your handwarmers and the Coco dress. Your autumn is beautiful :)