02 May, 2014

Surviving the cold with Coco!

I think that was my first blog title pun! The first two days of Me Made May have been a success - all thanks to Tilly's Coco pattern. I have used this pattern three times so far: first this dress, and now two super comfy tops. I actually don't think I'll get through the rest of this month without wearing them again (or making more). It has been so cold that snow is predicted for this weekend. Proper snow!

Seriously, it may look like a nice sunny day in this photo but the air was so freezing that I've been wrapped in a blanket ever since!

Check out that awesomely smooth neckline!

The neckline on my Coco dress was a little gapey, despite stabilising it with a woven selvedge strip. This time I used a strip of very thin fusible interfacing and it worked like a charm. The little grey gloves I'm wearing are from my shop. Nice and warm, but not really the best match for this outfit. I'll definitely be making some black ones!

After all these years of pulling on freezing cold jeans in the morning and longing for my pajama pants, I have finally discovered that it's way warmer just wearing a maxi skirt with tights underneath! Completely irrelevant information right now for any northern hemisphere folk. Maybe you'll remember it next Winter and thank me :P

The second top is made from a slightly thicker (and less iron-friendly) knit. The big plaid pocket is some flannelette from my stash, cut on the bias so that it stretches with the knit. I kind of love the combination.

Both tops are made from the thrifted fabric I found the other week. I cut a size 2 this time, to accommodate the extra stretch in the fabric, but I probably could have graded up across the chest as it does pull quite a bit across that area.

Pattern adjustments: Shortening at the waist plus a small sway back adjustment.

When I first started sewing, I just couldn't get excited about the idea of making basics like these. Now that I do, it feels like my sewing has reached a whole new level. Neither of these tops are a completely perfect fit, but they are still ridiculously more flattering than generic store-bought sizes. This has a surprisingly large impact on my self confidence - something I might go into in more depth at a later date.


sophie said...

I agree! they are very flattering! Love these!

Kristina said...

They look great on you! I always have to remind myself to sew everyday clothing, the really wearable stuff, and not the wild patterned ones that you end up not wearing.

Zoe May said...

Thanks Sophie!

Zoe May said...

Haha, I know what you mean. The weird unwearable stuff is the main reason my MMM pledge was so tame! I loved your recent red top - wearable styles in wild colours might be the way to go!