27 May, 2014

Me Made May - Week 4

 May is almost over. This time of year always leaves me feeling a little anxious. Partly because it's exam season, and partly because I never feel as though I've made the most of the last beautiful weeks of Autumn.

I'll admit, it's going to be a relief not having to hassle my dear photographer quite so many times a week. How do all those stylish fashion bloggers do it?!

Day 11
Shirt: My first Archer! Unblogged as it's currently button-less. Expect a more detailed post soon.
Grey top: Cotton On
Jeans: Cotton On

Day 12
Sorry for the blurry camera-phone photo.
Top: Mint striped Coco. First repeat of the month. Not doing too badly so far.
Jacket: Thrifted. Love this jacket - it goes with literally everything!
Jeans: Old, Just Jeans

Day 13
Top: Me made, unblogged. Just a simple kimono sleeved crop-top. Made from a super soft, possibly wool-blend, thrifted scarf. Miss P has a great tutorial for drafting your own :)
Beanie: Me made, buy here.
Jeans: Cotton On
Necklace: Zose Designs

Day 14
Oops. No photo, but I have been wearing an old pair of me made pajama pants! Comfy, low-rise, made from checked flannelette with ribbing for the waistband. Nothing groundbreaking.

One week left to go :)

But first, assignments! And cuddles...

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Erika A said...

I loved all your MMMay outfits! And I want to snuggle that cat.

I nominated you for a Liebster award if you're into that kind of thing! Details are over at my blog, waaaaaay at the bottom of that wall of text!