20 May, 2014

Pretty DIY Envelopes!

Lately I have been working on improving the outer packaging for different items in my store. These DIY envelopes are a fun and quick project, and perfect for shipping out small items like my little knitted bows.

Normally I hate the idea of cutting up books! However, I recently found a huge stack of fairly tacky 80s craft magazines in Lifeline for next to nothing and decided that they deserved new life!

Read on for instructions to make your own!

You will need:
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Glue stick
  • Packing tape
  • An old envelope in a shape and size that you like
  • Old magazines or similar sturdy paper/card material.

Step 1
Open up your envelope and lay it out on the wrong side of your paper. I like to make sure that the largest area of my envelope is going to show of the prettiest image. Try to avoid large text or anything that might affect the clarity of the postal address!

As you can see, my magazine is a little small to fit the whole envelope. This is okay - I just cut the last triangle separately and glue it on. To keep things neat, I make sure to line up the fold in the page with a fold in the envelope (hope that makes sense!).

Step 2
Trace around the envelope and then cut out your traced shape.

Step 3
Fold up the sides. Glue together, so that the bottom piece overlaps the two side triangles.

Step 4
If the original fold-line feels flimsy or has staple holes, reinforce it with a strip of packing tape and trim the edges.

Step 5
Add some cute shipping labels and you're done!

Do you enjoy posting letters, or run your own store? What do you like to do to make your snail mail extra special?


Kat said...

These are really cute and I'd really liked to receive one of those. It is amazing how many thoughts you put into your business. Keep on going!
I used to do this with ads from glossy fashion magazines but nowadays, unfortunately, the occasions for real letters are rare.

Zoe May said...

Thanks Kat :)
You're so right - I can't even remember the last time I posted a real letter!