19 July, 2014

A Blue Knit Shrug

I'm so excited to finally share this project!

In between shop orders and uni work, I have been slowly working away on this knitted shrug, using the free Rectangle Knit Shrug pattern by Lion Brand.

The pattern comes together surprisingly quickly if you're a reasonably fast knitter. I had only just started to go insane by the time I finished the second piece. Plus, all that stockinette makes this the perfect movie-watching project.

I never really understood the appeal of owning a "shrug" (they're weird and awkward and what if your front gets cold?!). That is, until I saw this glittery navy version. Maybe it's the styling, but something about it is just cool. I still wish mine was glittery.


My shrug was made using a 5ply (sport weight) merino yarn from Bendigo Woolen Mills. It's super warm and I love the muted blue colour, which is a little darker in person.

I only made a few changes when following the pattern: My sleeve cuffs are a little shorter, and I used a different method to join the pieces at the back seam.
The method I used (tutorial here) leaves you with a nice neat seam that is practically invisible on the outside (should have taken a photo...). The seam is also flat enough to incorporate embroidery like I did!

I included the button-holes but ended up leaving off the buttons. As awesome as wooden buttons would have looked, I honestly have no idea why they are recommended. Unless you go up a size (I knit a small) or happen to have a miniature ribcage, it looks pretty terrible pulled closed!

The embroidery was kind of a last minute, late-night decision. I wanted to add something special to compliment all those hours worth of stockinette. It's a very very simple design: just a few lines of running stitch using a fine orange yarn from my stash, with some silver and white threaded through. I love it though, and it seems to make all the difference when deciding whether or not I should wear it.

Am I a converted shrug-wearer now? We'll see, but I think just this one might be enough. I'd love to hear how you all feel about the truly fascinating topic that is the shrug :P

Hope everyone has had a lovely week!


Anonymous said...

This looks beautiful!

Lindsay said...

I love the embroidery - that's such a nice touch! I used to have a similarly shaped shrug and I would throw it in my purse to put on in super air-conditioned places (like museums and movie theaters) in the summer.

All your knitting projects are so gorgeous. It's really making me want to learn how to knit! Maybe this fall...

Anonymous said...

So lovely on you and great photos! Love the embroidery detail on the back too :-)

Kristina said...

Love it! The color is beautiful and it looks great on you! Wow, I can't imagine though hours and hours of stockinette stitch.

Inge said...

I agree! Shrugs are weird things. This one does look good on you though, I love the color!