14 July, 2014

Monday Motivation - Chunky Knitted Sweaters

Last week I spent some time whining about the cold planning out my ideal Winter uniform. Since then, I have been on a hunt for the ultimate slouchy, cabled sweater pattern.

After way too many hours spent scrolling through Ravelry (ermahgerd, so much 80's!), I have come up with three options that just might satisfy my current need for epic levels of cosiness:

1. Honeymaker by Leah B. Thibault. I absolutely adore this sweater (and the gorgeous styling!). The honeycomb texture is so unusual - it even comes with instructions to knit a tiny bee into one of the cells! As soon as I find the perfect shade of red, it's happening.
Pattern is $6 from Quince & Co.

2. Stonecutter by Michelle Wang. Probably the most difficult of the three options, but still completely amazing.
Pattern is $7 from the Brooklyn Tweed store.

3. Lempster by Norah Gaughan. Such a pretty cabled design. I can see it being especially beautiful in a forest green.
Free pattern via Knitty.com.

So, who wants to help a girl out? Which sweater gets your vote?
I'm totally in need of a cable-related challenge after the mindless fingering-weight stockinette that made up my last project (soon to be blogged!).

Happy Monday!


Erika A said...

The first one is amazing, definitely gets my vote! I wish I could figure out how to knit a sweater!

Kristina said...

Lovely patterns, Stonecutter is my favorite! I admire everyone who can knit cables, it looks so complicated! I'm looking forward to seeing which you make and in what color.

Kat said...

Stonecutter all the way!