10 July, 2014

Olive Green Darling Ranges

This is my second version of the Darling Ranges dress (first version here). It's also my first project as part of Sally's Summer Stashbust challenge! I found this olive green rayon for $5 at Lifeline at least 6 months ago. It's so hard to find nice prints in rayon, so I couldn't resist this unusual floral design.

Pattern details:
Similar to last time; I raised the neckline a few centimeters, and took a little length out of the shoulders. The shoulders are still a little too long for me, making the neckline a bit gapey and the bust darts a little low. The drag lines are even more noticeable in this soft fabric. Next time I'll revert back to the original neckline and take even more from the shoulders.

For comfort, and to stop the sleeves from twisting around, I replaced the elastic cuffs with shirt-style cuffs. The insides are all French seamed - it's so much nicer in rayon. I also shortened the hem quite a lot. This length works much better on my short legs!

Outfit details:
Necklace: Fawn & Rose
Leather belt: vintage
Boots: All 4 Me

You'll have to excuse my tired face. This is literally the third attempt this week at photographing this dress. It still clashes pretty badly with the brick wall, but it was the only place where I was sheltered from horrible icy winds. So thankful for pockets!

In the spirit of being more organised, I recently ordered 100 little wooden shirt buttons from SkullButtonry (currently on vacation). I get so tired of never having quite enough of the same button, and I never realised how much more affordable buttons are in bulk (duh!).

All the profits from the SkullButtonry supplies store go towards Foundation 18's orphanage "Yayasan Dharma Sadana", as well as education outreach programs and humanitarian work in Indonesia.

Definitely no regrets here!

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has had a great week!


Laura said...

This is such a nice colour on you - I love it!

Curvy Tam said...

Would you be interested in making a dress like this for me? For monies? Hahaha
But seriously this style of dress is so hard to find and I would love to help support what beautiful work you do :)

Lindsay said...

Gorgeous dress! I love the forest green color with the wood buttons. And buying buttons in bulk is a great idea - I definitely need to do that!

oona balloona said...

YUM!! third time's a charm, i love this beautiful frock against the brick...but then again i have a thing for brick:)

Zoe May said...

Thanks Laura! :)

Zoe May said...

Thanks Lindsay! It's definitely nice knowing I won't run out - I just hope I don't grow out of my obsession with wood buttons :P

Zoe May said...

:D Thanks Oona! I'm glad you have a thing for brick - I think this nice chimney will become a regular backdrop!

Zoe May said...

Wow, thanks Tam! I'll FB message you :)

Angel said...

Your photo as your dress are adorable. It looks very romantic.

Anonymous said...

What a fab print, suits both you and the pattern perfectly :-)

Elizabeth said...

This is so beautiful! That green is one of my favorite colors and it looks perfect on you!

Anonymous said...

Just saw this on Sally's 'summer stashbust'...Gorgeous! That olive floral print is making me want to break my vow to not buy new fabric for the rest of the summer ;-)