21 March, 2014

Fashionably Late to the Coco Party!

For one reason or another, I am always just a little late to parties. It usually works out for the best - everyone is already mingling and I get to skip that awkward first hour or so. You know, the one where people just hover near the food, making small-talk and waiting for something to happen.

This time, though, I so wanted to be on time! But it was not to be. A dark stormy day plus a flat camera battery meant that I spent the evening sitting in my lonely Coco Dress, watching all the other little Cocos making friends at Tilly's party. At least I can now vouch for the extreme comfyness that is the Coco Dress! Seriously, it's like wearing some sort of nightgown (the kind that isn't meant to be seen), only I can talk to the postman, do the shopping, and even go to lectures!

Pattern Details:

I cut a size 3. The amount of ease is perfect! I needed a decent sway back adjustment, but that's fairly standard for my clothing. Next time I'd probably shorten the waistline a little first.

I made the simplest dress version, thinking that any added detail would be too much with the tiny print. Now I'm thinking it might need something after all. White pockets? Maybe a detachable peter pan collar? Maybe just a belt.

Here's a close-up of the print. I just love it. Little colourful roses and worms on a vine :) And of course, a shot with Bean. She loves being a part of the action!

I'm loving all of the colour-blocked versions popping up around the place, especially on Tilly's Pinterest Board. Let's hope it's not too late for my little Coco to join the party!


sophie said...

adooooooooooore that last photo! your dress is so so cute!! love it that simple!

Zoe May said...

Thanks so much :)

Andrea Van Kleef said...

I love that fabric ! Where did you get it? I keep looking for fabrics on the web but can't see anything I like as yet. Gorgeous dress

Zoe May said...

Thank you!
The fabric came from Spotlight - a big generic fabric store like JoAnns. I wish I knew more about it. They had a bunch of different prints that were abnormally cute compared to their usual range!

Here's a few websites I have come across that have some great printed knits (not sure about shipping costs though):




Hope that helps! :)