24 March, 2014

Monday Motivation: Daily Planning

(photo from my instagram)

I have decided to try being a little kinder to Mondays. They don't mean any harm, after all. What could be better than waking up to a fresh new week and a steaming pot of coffee? 

 I have a terrible weakness for stationary. Especially the kraft-coloured, customisable, recycled milk-carton kind (like this). I often find myself lurking in the stationary section when I'm supposed to be buying something boring like sponges, trying to come up with a reason for needing brown paper sticky-notes or stripy manilla folders. It's not quite as bad as the fabric addiction, but it's getting there. I'm only admitting this because I know I'm not alone.
In the spirit of Monday motivation and awesome office supplies, I purchased this lovely downloadable planner designed specifically for bloggers. For $12, so far it seems incredibly thorough, with plenty of space for planning out posts and listing goals and ideas. There are a ton of free printable planners around, but this one looked the most organised. It's also pretty, without being overwhelmingly colourful or filled with cartoon animals.

If it's as great as it sounds, you can look forward to regular and hopefully awesome future blog posts!
Do you have any tips and tricks for keeping your blog organised? What do you like most about Mondays? I'd love to hear!

The Ultimate Blog Planner
'The Ultimate Blog Planner' from Clickitupanotch.com

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Anonymous said...

Ha, I can really relate to that, I'm a big fan of keeping things organized! I don't use a planner, but I love the TODOIST app for keeping lists. Other than that, I have designated days a week where I blog. If I didn't I would never get around to writing posts ;)