10 March, 2014

Some Progress

The past few weeks have been rewarding and unproductive in equal measure. I have spent many hours by this window. The bench is at just the right height that I feel as though I'm working - an important tool for staving off Pinterest binges. It is a hard mental task to start a business from a squishy couch. 

The truth about designing knitwear is that it involves many pages of scribble and the unravelling of many hours of work. I'm sure there's probably a much more methodical and mathematical method, but often I just don't know how I'm going to feel about a design until I'm holding it in my hands. Or wearing it on my hands...



I couldn't be more pleased with the fit of these gloves - the position of the thumb, the fit around the wrist. They are beautifully lightweight - I've always hated the cumbersome feeling of bulky gloves. And being 100% wool makes them very warm. Already my mind is full of ways to make them more exciting, but I do love the simplicity of this design.

These gloves are currently available in my shop, in the lovely shade of pumpkin you see here. More colours will be added over the coming week!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous color! I actually work from my couch for my business, I think everyone has to find out what works for them. Building a business is hard work no matter where you work from I think :)

Zoe May said...

You're very right. I suppose it's all about developing the right frame of mind and not letting silly things affect that. Maybe I'll stop cluttering the kitchen bench and give my couch a second chance! :)