29 March, 2014

Sustainable Vegan Gloves and a Sale!

This has been a wonderfully productive week. The organic cotton that I ordered for some test products finally arrived. It's perfect. 

I made a pair of fingerless gloves. They are beautifully soft and delicate. Perfect for early Spring mornings, or appointments in ridiculously air-conditioned buildings.



Since starting Fozzel & Bean, sourcing sustainable, low-impact vegan fibers has been an important priority for me. Even on Etsy, it's difficult to find knitwear that doesn't contain at least a small percentage of acrylic. Talking to some vegan friends led me to realise that, as consumers, vegans often have to make do with materials that are often just as bad, if not worse, for the environment than the animal products they avoid.

This certified organic cotton yarn brings me one huge step closer to my goal of providing beautiful and earth-friendly vegan options. The yarn has been hand dyed with plant materials, using traditional methods. It's also people-friendly - providing Fair Trade conditions for struggling women in Lima, Peru, and education for their children.



These gloves are now in my shop, in the soft lavender shown above. They'll be available in pastel blue over the coming days :)

In other exciting news, last night I reached a little milestone for my store - filling my front page! To celebrate, I'm having a sale for all readers of my blog. For 20% off any purchase in my store, just use the coupon FOZZELFRIENDS at checkout!

P.S. If you're wondering what happened to my previous post, some last-minute research found that NSW residents (most other states are fine) cannot actually hold chance-based online giveaways without first purchasing an $80 permit. I'm a little devastated, but what can you do.

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